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How to Write a Health Care Business Plan

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A good health care business plan is crucial to any startup business. Whatever enterprise you may be considering, the better your business plan, the more likely that you will be able to attract investors and isn’t this the objective of the business plan itself? A Health Care Business Plan is no different from any other business. You need to prepare a document that clearly outlines and describes the fundamental nature of your business, the goals of the business, and how you plan to run this business.

Where do you start?

Like any plan or proposal, a good business plan must start with a summary or an overview of your project. This is like the introduction in a book or even the first scene in a movie. It is key in that its purpose is to grab the attention of the readers, peak their interest and make them want to read further.

Once you have written your overview, you can start to get a bit more specific by stating your objectives. These should be succinctly stated and use clearly defined measurable goals.
The next part of a good business plan is the part where you give what you think are the “keys” to your future success. Simply said, what will make your company or idea fly?
After this, comes the mission statement of your company. This should include a value system of some kind relating to the treatment of both your patients and your staff. What are you committed to doing?

A company summary follows this mission statement, which gives a history of the company, its employees, or founders of the company. It should stress all accomplishments and successes.
A detailed account of the services that the company will provide is the next part of a well-written business plan. These should be listed using behavioral language telling clearly and precisely what the company will do or what services will they provide.

A good business plan must demonstrate to the reader that you have done your homework; therefore a solid thorough market analysis summary must be included. What has your research told you about the need for type of business and the future prospects of your business? What is your competition and how will you compete?

Once you have given all of the above mentioned background data, you need to give the hows. How will you go about setting up the company or implementing your ideas? What are your start up strategies?

A managerial summary follows and lies out the administrative structure of the company. Who will be responsible for what and who are the overseers of the business? A financial plan is essential to a well-prepared business plan. What will be the costs – the startup cost, the cost of running the business, and additional sources of funds, including loan options? A well-prepared business plan ends with an appendix. This appendix gives detailed projections of all aspects of the business.

Remember, a solid well-written business plan is crucial to the future success of your Health Care Business. To read a sample of a well-prepared business plan, you may want to check out the following sites -,


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