Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Career in Hospital Management (especially w.r.t. India)

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Health Management is among the top ten millennium professions according to a recent US survey. As healthcare management is becoming increasingly privatised there is a greater need for not only skillful doctors but also efficient hospital administrators. If hospitals have always fascinated you rather than scaring you off and you have an empathic nature along with a flair for organisation and an eye for detail then you can consider a career in Hospital Management. A large number of private hospitals and clinics have come up all over the country. With increasing emphasis on quality of health care and patient satisfaction there is a tremendous need for persons with a professional qualification in Hospital Management.Professional courses in Hospital Management/Administration are available for both medical and non-medical persons.

TOPICS COVERED :Some of the topics covered in the professional programme are as follows :
  • Administration of Hospital and Health Care Planning.
  • General & Personnel Management in Health Institutions.
  • Concepts of Epidemiology (Public Health Administration), Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology.
  • Financial Management & Inventory Control in Hospitals.
  • Behavioural Science (Organizational Behaviour in Hospitals).
  • Organization & Management of Hospitals.
  • Health Management Information System.
  • Hospital Policies, Practices, Acts & Committees : Bhore & Mudalior - Reports, Hospital Committee Reports & National Health Plans. (Industrial Relations, Employees Welfare, Trade Unions, Labour Laws).
  • Counselling.

As a Hospital Administrator you will be responsible for the overall organisation and management of the hospital to ensure its smooth functioning with the objective of ensuring the complete satisfaction of the patient. You will have to co-ordinate between the various departments of the hospital, ensure that all the equipment is functional, that there is a smooth flow of medical supplies and above all the required standards of cleanliness are maintained. You will also deal with the employees and financial matters.The emphasis is on quality, efficiency and cost containment. The challenge is to deliver the highest quality care at the lowest cost. It entails giving 100% of your time to quality in-patient care, lowering the length of stay, decreasing resource utilisation and working with the medical and administrative staff to co-ordinate all aspects of in-house care.

Following the professional course you can avail of challenging job opportunities in medical institutes, hospitals, nursing homes and NGOs operating in the health care sector.Over one-half of all jobs in this field are in hospitals. The remainder are in home health agencies, medical and dental laboratories, offices of dentists and other practitioners, and other health and allied services. New graduates with Master's degrees in health services or hospital administration may start as assistant hospital administrators, or as managers of non-health departments, like finance. Post-graduate residencies and fellowships are offered by hospitals and other health facilities; these are normally staff jobs. Graduates from Master's degree programs also take jobs in hospitals, large group medical practices, clinics, mental health facilities, and multi-facility nursing home corporations. Health service managers advance by moving into more responsible and higher paying positions such as assistant or associate administrator and finally, CEO, or by moving to larger facilities.

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