Saturday, May 08, 2010

Advantage of being an IMG in Canada & USA.

While the disadvantages are obvious and numerous - as depicted in various Canadian news papers and TV channels from time to time, with occasional shedding of (?crocodile) tears - both for the apathy of IMGs as well as the lack of care for local populace - there are certain advatages that IMGs do have too.

* Most IMGs do not have student debt from their home countries. While local students rack up huge loans - anywhere from $150,000 to $300,000 for their medical school, a lot of IMGs however, do not have such problems. Especially those who got their seat on merit basis in their home countries. Since countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh are not heavily credit driven societies - as compared to the West, most of the expenses are covered by funds loaned by parents and / or friends / relatives.

* A lot of IMGs do not have to go through the pre-Med program, thus saving 3 years there.

Thus, an IMG, who has saved time and money, should seriously consider residency / training in Canada & USA. For residency, there is no tuition fee. Instead, a resident is paid a salary / stipend of $4000 in Canada and approx US$.3300 in the US, which is ok, since they earn $150,ooo+ a year upon completion of residency.

It is said that "patience is bitter, but the fruits are sweet". This is definitely true when it comes to IMGs.

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